Copper Wallet Card Personalized for a Husband and Dad

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A solid copper card that fits in the card slot of a wallet. It measures 2 inches by 3 inches.

It is stamped with the message, "The only thing better than having you as a HUSBAND is our children having you as their DAD," with a swirl heart on the side. I can change this for one child instead of children. And I can change it for a MOM and grandfather or grandpa, grandma, nana, or whatever you would like. I can use a more feminine swirl font stamp for mom and grandmother if you prefer (See the second photo).

This example is shown Fired Rustic. Firing brings all kinds of lovely colors into the copper such as pink, blue, yellow, and orange. Each time it will turn out differently. I can leave it shiny, if you prefer. See the third picture for an example of a shiny card.

I cut out the card from heavy duty 20 gauge copper sheet metal, smooth the edges, stamp it, oxidize the lettering, brush it, hammer it some more, then fire it with a torch (if you so choose).

I now lacquer these copper cards to prevent them from tarnishing.

This is a fun process which will turn out differently every single time making each card unique.

As seen in the pictures, I can also stamp a design stamp (shown with the swirl heart in the second photo). I have the following stamps available: leaf, awareness ribbon, ladybug, skull and crossbones, compass arrow, hockey sticks, cross, crown, bird, baby feet, horse shoe, dragonfly, tree, cat, fleur de lis, snowflake, half sunrise, bee, lotus blossom, anchor, dandelion, peace sign, owl, star with swirl, bracket, question mark, & ampersand symbol, 4 leaf clover, I love you sign language hand, swirl heart.

Each piece is hand stamped and hand made. Please understand that with handmade, nothing is perfect, but that is what makes it so unique. Letters may not line up straight, but I will make a great effort to do so. That being said, personalized cards are not returnable.

All purchases are mailed in a Kraft gift box, ready for gift giving.

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